So long, Newsletter - I heart blogging!

For about a year now, I’ve been writing a bi-monthly email newsletter called A Colorful Thread. Spurred on by a friend who has had great success with her newsletter, I wanted to see if it would be a nice way to connect with folks who don’t find their way to my blog on a regular basis.

That’s probably not you, haha, because you’re reading this!


Well, anyways, I think I’m done with that. There were aspects of it I liked, but overall it’s just not my favorite format. Let me count the reasons:

  • Impermanence. Sure the content of those emails goes straight to my reader’s inbox, but after that it’s gone. Poof! I love that blogging creates a handy digital record.

  • Low Engagement. Yes, a few responded to my emails, but most didn’t, probably because it feels really direct and almost intrusive to send someone an email. Commenting on blogs seems to be more comfortable for readers.

  • Cost. There are lots of different email newsletter providers, but all of them require paid plans to send to a large mailing list. I went with a mid-range provider. My annual cost to email is about $500. I’d rather put that money towards my Squarespace blogging bill.

  • Low ROI. As far as financial benefits, I haven’t seen a direct link between my email newsletters and Stitched in Color sales. Of course that may be all my fault, but it’s the facts.

If you ask the Internet, lots of people adore their newsletters and feel they are the single best way to connect with readers and customers. I’m not arguing with their experience or saying I did everything right, but just wanted to put my experience out there. It may be that I just have a kick ass blog (pardon the language) and a newsletter can’t beat it! Haha! Yes, let’s say that’s it (wink).

Anyhoo, I’ve decided on a compromise. I’m going to take my favorite aspect of the newsletter experience and bring it to Stitched in Color the blog! The edition of A Colorful Thread that I would normally write at the end of each month will be published here instead. Duh! That makes it 1. permanent 2. easy to engage 3. free! So that’s a win-win-win!

Newsletter Snapshots

The first bloggy version of A Colorful Thread will land in this space on Friday to recap September 2018. I hope you like the format and are happy to see A Colorful Thread come home.



p.s. Long live blogging!