Elizabeth Plum, a Maddie Jumper

Oh, I can’t wait to show you this jumper… Ta da!

Rora in Jumper.jpg

It’s just what I was hoping for! The Elizabeth Plum floral and jumper styling are nice for fall, but it’s cool enough to wear in our warm southern weather. Yay!

Jumper full length.jpg
Jumper side view.jpg

This is the Maddie Jumper pattern by Violette Threads. It’s an easy-to-sew classic that I’m sure to make again. I’d love to make a version with overall buckles. For this go-round I used some peachy buttons I had on hand. This is a size two, which has room to grow for my 22 month sweetie.

Jumper from behind.jpg

You can see that the barkcloth Outback Wife fabric worked well for this type of garment. Somehow the barkcloth holds its shape, but still has a nicer drape than quilting cotton. I absolutely adore the jumper from behind. She’s the cutest!

Jumper close up.jpg

Don’t worry, I’ll give her a smooch for you!