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Did you have a good weekend?  I hope so!  I took a much-needed break from normal and spent the weekend with extended family at Lake Hartwell in Georgia.  I had more time than expected to sew.  In fact, I hand stitched the circles on every single Facing East block I brought.  Hooray!  And my mother-in-law helped by pulling off paper backings.  Lucky me! 


With baby taking nice, long naps, I even had time to catch up on my blog reading.  Speaking about that...

This weekend as I savored some of my favorite blogs, I thought about how different the blogosphere is these days.  When I visit Bloglovin there aren't many recent posts in my queue because many bloggers don't update often anymore.  It used to be overflowing with inspiration, notices of quilt-alongs, swaps and other fun going-ons.  Now... sometimes I think I hear crickets.

But there really are great sewing and quilting blogs out there still.  Not only are their "old classics", but there are also up-in-coming blogs providing inspiring content. 

You know what?  My blog reader could use a bit of fresh air!  Let's swap some recommendations!  I'll share a few of my favorite reads.  Please tell me yours!

Favorite Blog Posts

this weekend


The Rescue Quilts - #3 Old & New Tumbler Quilts

by Melanie of Southern Charm Quilts


Deja Vu?

by Ashley Newcomb of Film in the Fridge


A Geranium Dress for Hazel

by Rachel Kovac of Stitched Together

full finish.JPG

Final Round Robin Hand Off - Round 5

by Jayne of Twiggy & Opal

art 130 .jpg

Modern Sewciety Podcast

And this one I didn't actually listen to this weekend... but I enjoyed the conversation with Stephanie earlier this month.  Hop on over to check out Stitched in Color on Modern Sewciety!

Like everyone else, I forget to check my blog reader sometimes.  I may see projects on Instagram first or via email newsletters.  If you're like me, consider subscribing to your don't-miss blogs via email.  It's easier to find time to enjoy a single post anyways.  You can subscribe to receive an email of each Stitched in Color post, right here.

Cheers to all the bloggers out there carrying on!  Yes, this method of sharing takes considerable time and energy, but it also creates a genuine community and a personal record that's truly precious.


Rachel Hauser