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The Quilter's Field Guide to Color

A Hands-on Workbook for Mastering Fabric Selection

Join me on a color journey, an experience of growth and self-actualization. The Quilter’s Field Guide to Color is a color + fabric workbook designed just for quilters! Creating effective fabric combinations is the #1 challenge quilters face. Let's change that, shall we?

Inside the book you'll find 150 color swatches just waiting for action. These color manipulatives will allow you to flesh out the concepts in the book, moving from seeing to doing.

The book walks you through 12 color exercises, with opportunity for expression first with swatches and then with fabric. Working with fabric helps you cross that divide from theory to practice. Selecting fabrics is not just about color. It's about scale and style and lots more - all of which we'll unpack layer by layer!


inside the book


And sewing too!

Each Exercise in the workbook explores a topic thoroughly using examples of finished quilts to help visualize the discussion. Along the way, you'll make Bear Paw blocks to capture your learning experiences. At the end, I provide three different setting options to transform your blocks into a quilt or two.

the Flower Pod quilt

the Flower Pod quilt

more from publisher Lucky Spool:

Completed all of the Exercises? Next, you will join Hauser in an evaluation of your own stash using her series of checklists and tips. She will teach you to understand your helpful and unhelpful fabrics, guide you through creating a color story for each and every quilt you make and even take you on a step-by-step fabric pull demo from start to finish. You will never shop for fabric in the same way again! 

Finally, leaf through the series of gorgeous two-page color stories Hauser has created to keep you inspired, highlighting various effective color stories using an inspirational word and loads of different fabrics.

Perfect for using with your guild for monthly challenges over an entire year or for bringing along on a sewing retreat, you will be amazed by the endless color combinations created using The Quilter's Field Guide to Color.

Everything you are looking for in a workbook on fabric selection that you will use as a reference again and again: beautiful, practical, personal and fun!
— Susanne Woods, Lucky Spool

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