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Today my design wall is absolutely blank.  My project stack is whittled down to that slowly-but-surely Facing East quilt and a marinating Penny Sampler quilt top.  This week I finished Rora's new changing pad covers.

And her wall art - that's finished too.  And hung. 

You'd think I would be cutting a new project, but actually my brain has been busy - quite busy - elsewhere.  I've been asking questions about the big picture at Stitched in Color. 

The industry is changing, and as much as I like to do my own thing here and stubbornly define my own version of success, I have to change too. 

So I need your help.  I need you to talk to me about what you want.  More and more you are not just my reader and friend, you are my customer.  Less and less are fabric stores willing to advertise through blogs, prompting business bloggers like me to re-evaluate. 

Some write books, design fabric, teach classes online, workshops in person, write patterns... or give it all up.  No one thing is enough.  You have to diversify, innovate, experiment.  And, at least for me, you always have to weigh the opportunities against the life you want for yourself and your family.  I want to stay home and stay "me", not project an image heavily influenced by a publisher or manufacturer. 

I really enjoy working for myself.  I really enjoy my relationship with YOU.  So... please talk to me.

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