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Basic Sewing Machine

the Janome HD3000

The Janome HD3000 is a machine I tested for an extended period in my home in 2013.  I wanted to be able to recommend an entry level sewing machine to someone new to our hobby or on a tighter budget.  Since the HD3000 is not computerized, it's built to last.  In 2014 one of my local friends bought the Janome HD3000 from Sew Vac Direct on my recommendation.  She's been sewing with it almost daily since then and is still pleased with her purchase. In fact, she thought it'd be a great model for my rental needs!

high-quality sewing machine

the Juki TL2010Q

The Juki TL2010Q is the sewing machine I've used almost every day since 2013. It is a powerful home sewing machine ideal for quilters, with an 8.5" harp space, knee lift, automatic needle down and pedal-activated thread cutters, to name a few fantastic features.  If you're ready for a sewing machine upgrade, I enthusiastically recommend the Juki!

Quilting Supplies

via Amazon + Sew Vac Direct

I use these products regularly for quilt-making from start to finish.  In particular, I highly recommend 505 adhesive for spray basting and the hera marker for marking quilting lines quickly and accurately!  All products are linked via affiliate links.  I earn a small commission on any sales.  Thank you!

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