A Colorful Thread: September 2018


Weaving together my life as a maker and what’s happening in other spheres of life.

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on my Mind

Experimenting:: with an eensy teensy 14mm rotary cutter. I'm going to use it to cut curves with acrylic templates. (Yep, there's another curvy quilt coming up next!). You know how rotary cutters often nick the templates? I'll let you know how this tiny cutter handles the job...

Reading::  Post Traumatic Church Syndrome: One Woman's Desparate, Funny and Healing Journey to Experience 30 Religions by her 30th Birthday. Well, that title says it all. This one was recommended by a friend. I was hesitant at first, but I'm definitely enjoying it. The author is so vulnerable and yet downright hilarious - an unusual combination.

Following::  Saija via Instagram. Saija is a prolific quilter from Helsinki, Finland. There's always something new and inspiring in her colorful Instagram feed. This snapshot of her pincushion collection gives you a hint of her style.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 1.50.33 PM.png

Anticipating::  The start of the holiday season. For our family, October kicks off a crescendo of year-end celebrations. It's time to plan for our annual Harvest Party. Last year was a Harry Potter theme. I don't think we can top that, but we'll have a good time trying!

After that it's Aria's birthday, Rora's birthday (she’ll be turning two!), Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love any excuse for a party!

Wishing you a lovely October!