the "B"

This weekend I had a little patchwork rebellion.  Instead of making much progress on my Brave quilt, I started something new and scrappy instead.  Although that sounds innocent, it really wasn't.  I know I was avoiding my Brave quilt because it's hard.  

Wedges Make Curves.jpg

Isn't it funny how we put off hard things as if that will help?  As if they'll get easier or disappear?  And I don't want this to disappear.  I feel I'm working on the edge of my capabilities.  That's a good thing, even if it is a bit uncomfortable.

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There's a balance to be had between pushing myself to try new things that will help me grow as a maker and allowing myself to relax with familiar favorites.  I like both sides - the challenging and the autopilot modes.  This weekend, however, I apparently wanted more autopilot!

Improv sewing.jpg

Still, I knew I would feel yucky if I completely neglected my Brave quilt.  So, I made this "B", this big, dramatic, challenging "B".  In between steps, I cut and sewed scraps, starting something new that I'm not sure what I'll do with.  But, oh well!

Rora and the B.jpg
Rora and the Book.jpg

The "B" is made of improv-pieced wedges.  First I created wedge semi-circles, not sure if I would appliqué the shapes or what.  Eventually I realized I could use some modified improv to piece the entire thing.  So I did.  That's the stretching part, I guess!  There's a little extra fullness in the background fabric, but nothing that won't quilt out.  Victory is mine!

Now, can I go back to my autopilot scraps?  Hehe.  Brave may need to marinate a little while I work through this rebellion.