letthewordsfallout... Honestly

Progress, I've made progress!  After creating a few more elements of my Brave quilt, I'm feeling better about it now.  I think adding more shapes and repeating colors helps it to feel less tentative.  And this quilt should definitely not be tentative!

Word progress.jpg

So, first, if you've listened to the chorus from the song, you probably wondered how I thought I was going to create all those words at the rate I was going.  Right?  


Well... appliqué.  It's such a shortcut.  I opted to couch yarn for some of the faster, less important parts.  I like how the words run all together like they actually do when we speak.  Some things are meant to stand out.  Others, not so much.

Baby hands.jpg

I couch without a special foot, just zigzagging over the yarn in matching thread.  It's very secure and easier than other types of word appliqué.  Plus, it creates a fun texture, Rora wants you to know.


I also made "honestly" in a bold, blocky pieced letters.  To make this word stand out, I used a consistent background, unlike the rest of my letters.  The background fabric is Around Town by Sarah Golden.  The letters are Cotton & Steel basics again, plus some hand printed fabric made by my friend Svetlana.

Now all that's left, word-wise, is "Be Brave".  No pressure, that's only the most important part...