Elora, 21 months

Rora 21 months.jpg

Guess who's 21 months old today?  I'm glad it's time for another update, because Elora has developed so much in the past three months.  I know I'm supposed to say, "I can't believe she's almost two!"  But, really, I feel like she must be almost two already because she's hit so many "big girl" milestones.  It's been fun to see!


Last time I had such trouble getting any photographs of Rora by the fabric.  This time she totally understood and stood patiently beside the fabric for a number of sessions.  Her comprehension is fabulous, and she's pretty good about following directions. 

She doesn't cry any longer when I leave her in nursery at church or the gym.  All she needs is a calm explanation of what's going to happen and who will be taking care of her, and she walks right in!  Apparently, this girl likes information.


But she's still a toddler.  This is Elora's "I'm about to run off!" face.



This month Rora is photographed with Olive Foliage from Mediterraneo from Art Gallery Fabrics.

Memory Box {Twenty-one Months}

Milestones::  Rora surprises us with any number of new words each day.  She's not using them all independently, but she'll often speak up if we give her the word she's looking for.  So, for example, once I could tell she wasn't into the way Aria was playing with her.  I quickly suggested that she could say "stop" and out it came in a confident rush.  "S" and "Sh" sounds seem to be easiest for her.

Yesterday she said "thank you" spontaneously at an appropriate opportunity!  Proud mama moment.

Rora with doggies.jpg

Earlier this month we transformed her high chair into a booster chair.  Now she can climb up into her chair all by herself and eat at the table on a plate.  A plate!  It tugs at my heart seeing her eat lunch with Aria and Liam, like one of them.  They grow up so fast!  But, I am so grateful she's able to do these things.  And, of course, it makes her happy.

Biggest Challenge:  I suppose our biggest challenge lately is navigating those moments when I'd like to do some work in the sewing room, say basting a customer's quilt or sewing some patchwork.  Sometimes she plays contentedly with her sewing room toys.  She might lay train tracks, page through books or do simple two-piece jigsaw puzzles.  Othertimes, she demands my full attention, even if we've just read books together, had a snack and built some block towers. 

Building train tracks.jpg

I do believe it is best for children, even as young as Rora, to learn that sometimes their caregiver has other work to do.  Explaining in simple language and requiring her to occupy herself a little, even if she's fussing, is a way of teaching her that other people also have needs.  

Patience.  Independence.  Yes, these are big-people ideas, of course, but it starts when they're small in simple, everyday moments.

Biggest Surprise:  Ok, this was huge!  I haven't yet mentioned here that we are trying to learn German as a family and bring up Rora to be bilingual.  Yes, that's a a pretty ambitious goal, but it can be done and I'm enjoying the challenge.  Anyways, Brandon and I both speak to her daily in German, but also in English.  We'd like to move towards Brandon speaking to her only in German and me speaking to her only in English, as many bilingual experts advise.  But, this is where we're at now as Brandon and I are new to German as well.

Anyways, yesterday she spoke her first German word!  As I was leaving, I said "Tschüss", which means "bye" in German.  She said "Tschüss" right back!  Since she only repeats words to communicate (she's not in that copying stage), I do think she meant it.  How cool is that?


Best Memory:  Instead of one specific memory, I'll share that Rora has made our summer so much sweeter.  Her innocent discovering of the world is such a blessing for us all to experience.  For example, it took her awhile to warm up to the concept of playing in water, but now she can enjoy the pool and the lake.  I really value being able to do these simple things as a whole family, all of us having a some everyday fun.


If you popped in on one of our weekend excursions, you'd probably spy Rora run-walking about with her tongue sticking out of her mouth, intent on experiencing every bit of the ordinary.  A lesson for us all.

Thank you for enjoying her with me!