Thistle pajama pants

Have you ever worn rayon pajama pants?  It's a nice thing, friends.  The fabric is so flowy and soft, really ideal for lounging


When Aria said she needed a new pair of lightweight pajama pants, rayon immediately came to mind.  Fortunately, Crosscut Sewing Co. has lots of rayons to choose from, which would appeal to a young teen.  Aria settled on Cotton & Steel's Thistle print in ocean (also available in midnight). 


The last time I made adult pajama pants was quite awhile ago, following a pattern in Joel Dewberry's book.  I followed the same pattern to make size small for my slender teen, but the sizing was way off for us.  Actually, the pattern was hard to follow in general.  When I made these years ago I was brand new to garments and probably thought I was at fault for any confusion.  Now I know better.  Pajama pants should be easy to make!  I need to try another pattern next time.  Anyhoo, with this pair I let out all the seams in the hip area and that allows them to just fit.


Of course, she looks lovely in them!  My sweet girl.  And, yes, Kitty Susan is still her shadow.  She's the most loyal cat I've known. 

Sponsor of the Week

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Looking for something a little different?  Enjoy hand quilting on a Grace EZ3 frame.  This clever quilting frame adjusts to fit quilts from crib to queen and allows you to skip the basting step!  Even folds up for space-saving storage.

EZ Quilt frame.jpg

We've had a crazy week here.  Really, really crazy.  My husband and I have been researching and planning a new business venture.  In the middle of making a big decision, Liam had to go to the ER for suspected meningitis.  It did turn out to be meningitis, but just the viral kind and a strand that is not dangerous.  Thank goodness!  He's been discharged from the hospital and is feeling like himself today.  But, wow, lots going on!  New business venture is underway.  More details next week!