Elora, 2 years

This week is Elora Faye’s birthday week! We’ll get to celebrate her birthday along with Thanksgiving, and a more fitting combination I cannot imagine.

Dollhouse dress.jpg

Since I’ve just finished Rora’s Thanksgiving/Birthday dress, I’ll share the dress with you along with her birthday post. We took photos even though little miss was feeling under the weather, due to a cold. That’s why this time she’s a little camera shy.

Geranium Dollhouse dress.jpg
Rora in Geranium Dress.jpg

Rora’s dress is a Geranium dress with fitted, long sleeves a la the Geranium expansion pack. The fabric is Dollhouse by Amy Sinibaldi. I got it from Fiddlehead Artisan Supply even though it isn’t listed online. I was trying to find the right rayon for Rora, when Abby suggested this Waltz Moonlight Dollhouse print. Fiddlehead offers great customer service! Give them a call if you need some help.

While sewing the dress, I was sure the fabric must be voile instead of rayon. It’s so light and silky, just like voile. But according to Art Gallery, it is rayon. I’m impressed. Oh, and I added a touch of Frou Frou crochet trim. I think it dresses it up just a tad for the occasion.

Dollhouse dress from back.jpg

This dress is a size 2T, so it’s a bit on the big side as she’s just turning two this week. That’s ok, we’ll wear it lots over the next year, when you know she’s just going to keep growing (sniff!). I’m pleased with the sizing. And I’m very, very pleased with her.


Memory Box {Two Years}

Milestones:: Rora’s at an age where milestones unfold slowly and spread out in such a way as you hardly notice them.

Oh, but there has been a big one - potty training! We’re in pretty good shape now, as Rora has been potty trained for about a month. She still has the occasional accident, a few times a week, but being diaper-free is her new normal. If you’re looking for some potty training advice, I found this book quite helpful. Wish I’d had it with my other kids!

Rora in the cabinet.jpg
Rora peak a boo!.jpg

Rora loves to play with small things, like sewing pins and wonder clips. She also has a penchant for small, toy animals. Fortunately, she doesn’t put anything in her mouth these days and hasn’t for ages. She’s also learning to enjoy coloring and play-doh. All of these are fine motor skills, which is her strong area.

With talking she’s on a slower track. She’s used two words together once or twice, but her typical communication is still a mix of nonsensical sounds and the occasional word. Fortunately, she understands everything we say and tries new words on a weekly, if not daily basis. All in good time!

Biggest Challenge:: This is more looking ahead than looking back, but what comes to mind is Elora’s need for playmates. Since she doesn’t have a sibling near her age, she spends a lot of time playing by herself while I’m busy with housework or quilting work. I’m glad for her to have independent, self-directed play, but expect that soon she would benefit from seeing more children.

Tuesday is playgroup!

Tuesday is playgroup!

Currently, Rora sees other children her age about twice per week for a short period. In 9 months or so she’ll likely begin a children’s preschool program, but in the meantime maybe I’ll need to work in more playdates or excursions?

Biggest Surprise:: Hmm… that would be potty training. I was really dreading it, but it wasn’t too bad. I also didn’t expect her to be ready so early. I’m glad we went for it!

Rora is two years old.jpg

Best Memory:: When Rora comes home from a day at one of her grandmother’s houses, she can be so sweet and cuddly. Sometimes she wants to hug and hug me, in a way I don’t expect for a toddler. She’ll say “mama” endearingly or lightly touch my face. She likes me to stroke her face and hair, and will put my hand on her head to encourage me. Melt my heart! I’m so lucky to be “mama” to such an affectionate little person.

Happy Birthday, Elora!