coming soon... Quilting Services!

SIC quilting.jpg

I'm so excited about something new and wonderful coming to Stitched in Color!  Soon, I'll be offering professional longarm quilting services!  What? When? How?  Let me tell you all about it!


Stitched in Color will be providing entirely computerized longarm quilting services.  Our Gammill Statler is capable of so much more than just edge to edge!  I anticipate offering semi custom and custom quilting, in addition to edge to edge styles.  I'm looking forward to including quilting textures that compliment more modern styles of quilting, as well as traditional favorites.  

You'll be able to order your services right on the my website and mail your quilts to us from anywhere in the United States.  We'll return your quilt via free shipping, edges trimmed and beautifully presented.  Ooh, I can't wait!



A week from tomorrow our new longarm sewing machine is being installed here, in my sewing studio.  See, we've already reorganized to make space!  My husband and I will be undergoing training and working on practice quilts for approximately one month.  Then, in January we'll be opening for business.

I'll definitely be sharing that process with you: the set up and learning curve and practice quilts.  Even if you don't need quilting services, I think you'll find that interesting! 


When I floated this idea on Instagram, many folks wisely asked how I could add such a venture to my already-full schedule.  Well, I'll have help. 

Lately my husband has been working evening and weekend hours in addition to his full time day job.  He's going to replace that work with operations for the computerized quilting machine.  I'll handle the website and customer communications, custom designs and help him troubleshoot as needed.  He's actually very mechanically minded and computer-savvy, so he's going to be great at using such an advanced piece of equipment.


Feedback Please!

Have you sent out a quilt to be quilted before?  Or, is it something you might do someday?  Would you help us fine tune our service offerings by providing some advance feedback?

Thanks so much, Friends!