a Ruby Blouse

Remember how I said I don't have a single black top?  Well, I didn't exactly manage to make a black top.  It's black... and blue.  But, who were we kidding?  This is Stitched in Color.  And, hey, I can probably use it mostly like a solid black top, right?


As a bonus, my husband volunteered that he likes the top.  If you know us, you know this is an ironic (if well-intended) statement.  I love color and patchwork and pattern.  He loves... black.  In fact, after I guffawed about his compliment, he said, "Black is like bacon.  It's good with everything."  So, yeah, he likes it.


This is the Ruby pattern from Made by Rae in size large.  I took in the pattern at the waist, trying to give it some shape.  I love the yoke style and the fit through the shoulders/arms, but it's really, really roomy in the waist.  I know that's the style, but I'm not sure it's very flattering on me.  It's comfortable though!  


I used Art Gallery Caviar Rayon and Art Gallery's Mediterraneo quilting cotton in Shell Blaze night.  I really love, love, love the Mediterraneo collection.  Am looking forward to a few more Mediterraneo-inspired makes!