Drummer Boy Dresdens: Week 3

Drummer Boy Dresdens.png

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a good weekend. Perhaps you had a chance to do some sewing?

The late evening light is so abundant in The Netherlands at this time of year. I’ve found it still feels like there is time in my day after putting Rora down for the night. The light gives me energy!

If you snatch 20-30 minutes here and there, it’s amazing what can be accomplished, don’t you think? Fortunately, this Dresden project is a great one for stop-and-go sewing.

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Week 3 Goal

25 Dresden Fans

Are you ready to tackle this week’s task? We’re going to dig back into those scraps to create 25 more dresden fans. If need be, reference the how to’s in our Week 1 post to refresh your memory or consult your copy of the Drummer Boy Dresdens quilt pattern. This is the same goal repeated - bringing us up to the halfway point on those dresden fans.

Dresden chains. Stitched in Color.jpg

I chain pieced a big batch of dresden blades the other day. I decided to keep sewing until my bobbin ran out! It created quite an impressive chain. Of course, I have to actually use these pieces, so they can’t stay up long, but it was fun to decorate the drab black wall above my pressing station for a couple of days first.

I still have a few more dresden fans to make before I’ve completed this week’s goal, but it’s coming along nicely. This is such a fun way to use scraps!

How do you choose your sets of 5 dresden blades? I know some folks like to do it randomly or have their little ones make groupings. That’s such a smart way to get kids involved. There’s really no wrong way to group them, after all.

I do tend to make groups of 5 based on fabrics and colors that I like together. For me, coordinating the fabrics sparks joy. Today I noticed that there are a few “themes” in my groups. Sometimes I pull lighter, softer scraps; other times, I group the strong, saturated colors. I seem to have a thing for pairing blue with orange and pink, etc. I arranged some themed dresden rounds just for fun.

Dresden circles. Stitched in Color.jpg

No matter how you toss it, these mini dresdens are cute, cute, cute.


Come Sew-Along!

Join the community by sharing your progress photos on Instagram with hashtag #DrummerBoyDresdens. Every image equals a chance to win a prize, so long as you’re following the appropriate Instagram accounts. Last week we would have had a different winner if everyone who is sewing along and sharing pics was also following the key accounts. This week you’ll be in the running for a $35 gift certificate to Winter Creek Cloth!

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