Darling Trixie

Good morning! I am savoring a quiet morning cutting fabrics. The window is open, ushering in a cool breeze and sweet bird song. I feel so lucky to have a few hours all to myself while Brandon takes the kids to a school appointment.

I thought it would be a good time to begin this quilt. I brought with me a quilt kit to make Heather Ross’ “Mother’s Quilt” from her Trixie collection for Windham Fabrics. Yes, a quilt kit! My first.

The quilts that Heather Ross creates for her collections often really appeal to me, but usually I would prefer to make something with my personal spin. This time I decided to indulge in easy. I figured it would be a nice way to relax during our transition and very compact since all the fabrics are portioned in advance.

Trixie fabrics cutting. Stitched in Color.jpg

Yes, and yes!

Today I’m appreciating each charming Trixie fabric as I cut simple 4.5” squares. Easy peasy. These squares are a great scale for appreciating the Country Mouse print and the funky Collage print. The other prints in the collection look lovely at 4.5”, but would also suit even smaller cuts. They have quite a quilt-friendly miniature scale.

Small Mat Cutting. Stitched in Color.jpg

I’m doing all of my cutting on this 12” x 18” cutting mat. It was my first cutting mat and the largest that fit into my suitcase. Bleh. Cutting on a small mat is no fun. Really, it requires more skill and takes more time. If you struggle with cutting definitely go for the big 24” x 36” mats. They’re soooo worthwhile. I’m looking forward to unpacking my big black mat next month.

Ok, back to the cutting I go. If you’d like to make the Mother’s Quilt, you can find the quilt kit here.

Or, make your own version! This Trixie bundle is in stock at Kiwi Fabric, as well as yardage of some of the best prints.