say What?

Yesterday I started it, my Brave quilt.  It's funny how nervous I am about this one.  It's inspired by Sara Bareilles' song, which flooded into my consciousness a few months ago in a big way.  


Speaking up about our feelings, our needs, our hopes and plans is critical.  It's the basis of relationship and integral to progress.  But it does take bravery.  There are certain cultural norms that push aback against saying what you want to say, honestly, because the unpleasant is just that, unpleasant.  There's a lie that not speaking will make it go away.  The way I see it, it's the speaking, naming and acknowledging that might actually help us turn the corner and grow.

What process.jpg

I've always thought of myself as a person who says what needs to be said.  In the last year, however, I've come to see that there are some relationships in which I allow myself to be silenced.  I imagine this as an act of respect.  You know what it really creates?  Distance.  Maybe respectful distance, but that's not what I'm aiming for in these relationships.  


So, this year, I've started saying what I want to say more often.  Hopefully, with kindness and tact, but also honestly.  It's hard.

It also brings such clarity.  We can all see where we stand, what's here and what's not.  It helps my family make choices, leaning into the life we really want to create for ourselves.  


There are big changes brewing for the Hauser family, good changes.  It can't wait until the time comes that I can say all I want to say here.  For now, the time is not quite right.  But, I promise, I am already being brave.

How bout you?

p.s.  These word blocks were created in the ruler-free improv style.  One exception - the "O", which was created with appliqué/reverse appliqué a la my Modern Dresden pattern.