Sometimes I don't manage to spend much time behind the sewing machine.  This was one of those weeks.  I guess there was that morning running errands, the afternoon getting Liam ready for back-to-school and the other morning at the lake.  It's summer, after all.  And since this fall Liam is going to school, as opposed to homeschooling, it feels more like summer vacation than ever.

Matchy matchy.jpg

Still, I did manage to add two new words to my Brave quilt.   Hurrah!  This morning I noticed that everything looking this direction matches:  my work-in-progress, the chair, the quilt boxes, the customer's quilt on the longarm machine and even the scissors by the machine head.  It's the little things, sometimes accidents, that offer satisfaction when the day is just plodding along.

Say What You Wanna Say.jpg

Satisfaction is not entirely my reaction to this quilt so far.  More like apprehension.  Amy I getting the concept right?  Are the fabrics spot on?  And, really, where am I going next?  Haha.  

I actually do have a sketch of how I'd like to lay out the words to this chorus (Brave by Sara Bareilles), but what goes behind and between them is a bit fuzzy.  I'm hoping to let out some curvy improv, using The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters as a springboard for ideas.  

Hmmm...  What will be, I wonder?

Say palette.jpg

Here are some of the fabrics I've pulled for my Brave quilt.  I have low volume/pastels for the background fabrics and saturated prints for the words.

Cotton and Steel basics.jpg

One thing I have decided:  more Cotton & Steel basics.  They're a great scale for this kind of piecing and have the kind of attitude I'm trying to channel - bright, upbeat and modern.  I've yet to meet an XOXO or Sprinkle or Netorious print that I didn't use up in short order.  In fact, I just burned through another XOXO today.

Rifle paper stashings.jpg

And while I was shopping, I added these pretties to my shopping cart.  Rifle Paper Co. gets me every time, and those strawberries have been on my mind for ages.

Sponsor of the Week:  Cottoneer

Maybe this weekend I can find some time to sew!  Here's the start of my next word block.  This one's going to be appliqué.  Fingers crossed!

curvey improv.jpg

Wishing you a lovely weekend!