Courthouse Steps quilted potholders

Potholders are such humble little things.  We use them day-in, day-out year after year, hardly giving them a thought, until suddenly realizing they're burnt, battered and coated with a permanent layer of grease.  

quilted potholder trio.jpg

Oh, is that just me?  

Well, even so, I've redeemed myself by making a new set.  Starting with scraps, I made three courthouse steps blocks.  The "steps" are 1.25" cut and the unfinished block is about 8" square.

courthouse steps patchwork.jpg

To turn a block into a potholder, use extra batting!  Turns out I had just enough Insulbrite batting scraps on hand for three more potholders.  Perfect.  I used one layer of insulated batting and one layer of regular cotton batting.  Then I quilted them densely for durability and finished with easy-peasy zigzag binding.

making quilted potholders.jpg
binding potholdres.jpg

I had fun choosing fabrics for the backings!  They are Bluebird Flock, Baby Bouquet and Window Dressing.

quilted potholders back.jpg

Yay, that's another finished project from my To Make, To Sew list.  Feels good!  And thanks to Jane's comment on yesterday's post, I have a lead on a pattern I'd like to try for my next rayon blouse.  Thanks, friends!

vintage mug.jpg

p.s.  Doesn't this vintage soup mug look handsome with my new potholders?  My kids found the mug near the old barn on our property, years ago.  it has good character!