in the Quilting Studio

I'm so glad to report that we've been busy in the quilting studio!  It seems that we've hit our stride, with orders for longarm quilting service coming in regularly.  We're now booked a little over a month out.  Even better, we're making a profit!  Since Brandon is essentially working two jobs to make this happen, it's great to see our work actually paying off.

Comfort Quilt, pattern by Amy Ellis

So, what have we been quilting?  Well, I've been remiss at taking photos!  When we finish a quilt, I'm so excited to ship it off to the customer that I often forget entirely about documenting our work.

Wave quilting.jpg

This quilt is our latest finish.  Sharon made the Comfort Quilt from Amy Ellis' book, Modern Heritage Quilts.  I was glad when we agreed on wave quilting.  This design works really well with modern quilts.  Plus, the drape of a wave-quilted quilt is really cozy.

One customer asked me recently what kind of quilts we quilt.  Well, all kinds!  

Vintage quilt with orange peel.jpg

We've quilted this genuine vintage quilt, taking care with its delicate fabric.

Stud quilting flat.jpg

Of course, we've quilted lots of modern and traditionally styled quilts.  We've even quilted a few wholecloth quilts with no piecing at all, like the one above!

Lately we've been doing more custom quilting.  I plan to write more about that soon as we tackle a special double wedding ring project.  If you have any questions about custom quilting, the process or our pricing, let me know.  I'll be sure to address them in my upcoming post.

The quilts have landed! Once again, thanks for such great work. You and Brandon are by far the best longarm quilters I have used. I am excited to explore some custom ideas in the near future.

Thank you so much for your patience about the shipping. That kind of customer care is hard to come by in today’s business-is-more-important-than-humans world.
— Aimee

New Patterns

Since we've been enjoying that Graffiti Splash pattern, I've added another graffiti-inspired design called Graffiti Grow

Also new is Diamonds Forever, which was added for a custom quilting job, and Curls Allover

Curls Allover is a unique cross between computer-guided and freehand quilting.  It is a large-scale, detailed design that is quilted over your entire quilt.  The design doesn’t have a noticeable repeat, like most edge to edge patterns.  Instead it has lots of variation, giving it the look of a hand-guided design.  

When I was selecting a quilting design for my Facing East quilt, I couldn't stop thinking of Curls Allover.  Now that we've added it to our repertoire, I'm sure it'll show up on one my quilts soon!

Thanks to all those who have entrusted us with their quilts this year.  It's an honor to become part of your creative story!



Curls Allover.jpg