I can make Peg People!

A friend of mine just gave birth to a new bundle of joy.  When I found out she was expecting a boy, I knew just what to do with a certain stack of Spectacle fabrics by Cotton & Steel. 

A baby quilt!  Yay!  

Spectacle baby quilt.jpg

The fabrics in this line are so carefree and fun:  seals balancing balls, trikes and seagulls, boats and bees, peg people.  It's a cacophony of commotion and adventure in bold primary colors - perfect for a baby boy!  

Spectacle quilting.jpg

I chose simple half rectangle triangles arranged with contrasting dark vs. light value to allow the colorful prints to carry the show.  A generous sprinkling of solids creates a little visual space in this otherwise busy quilt.

I'm not much for primary colors myself, so this quilt wasn't totally making my heart sing until I added the quilting.  Actually, quilting it - as in the action of implementing the design - was SO much fun. 

Spectacle Peg People quilting.jpg

At a recent quilting conference, I took a class on creating custom quilt designs that our longarm sewing machine can stitch computer-guided.  The process was way easier than I expected.  So, looking at this quilt top, I got the idea to turn one of my favorite prints into a quilting pattern!  I designed four different peg people motifs to quilt in the low volume portions of the quilt.  In the dark volume triangles, I created a simple straight-line zig zag.  Both designs are able to be quilted across the quilt continuously, making for efficient work.  

Watching this quilting come to life was so satisfying!  I was sporting a goofy smile the whole time and even shared an Instagram video.  I really don't think I've ever had so much fun quilting!

Spectacle back.jpg

I hope my friend enjoys this quilt as much as I enjoyed making it.  

Happy Weekend, all!