Color Wheel Quilt Kit + Pattern

Today I have so much to share, and it's all wrapped up in this newest iteration of Wheel Quilt.   Pastel Color Wheel Quilt is a celebration of spring and of color and of journeys worth taking.

Pastel Color Wheel Quilt.jpg

Get the Quilt Kit! 

at Lark Cottons


Now available as a quilt kit via Lark Cottons!  Combine the Color Wheel Fabric Bundle with my Wheel Quilt Pattern to make your own colorFULL beauty.

the Class

Once upon a time I developed the Wheel Quilt pattern as a project for Curves Class. Since then I've made and remade this quilt, exploring my two loves:  color and fabric.  If you're taking Curves Class, you'll receive this pattern as part of class.  It's one of our celebration quilts, to show off your snazzy new curves sewing skills.

Want to join us?  Register to join Curves Class today.  You'll be ushered into our private class blog, where you'll find well-organized information on projects and supplies.  Class officially starts on April 16th.


the updated Pattern

Besides being a part of Curves Class, I also offer Wheel Quilt as an a la carte pattern.  This year I've decided to give my patterns an overhaul.  The new versions will have better graphic design, which allows for a more concise format.  They'll also have a new focus on color, which I'll tease out in posts to come.  


Wheel Quilt is now a shorter, stronger pattern with easier-to-print templates.  It's more beginner-friendly, even for those who have not taken Curves Class.  Order yours in my pattern shop and receive an automatic PDF download.  If you already own the original Wheel Quilt pattern and would like the updated version, please be in touch.  I'd be happy to send you the update!


the Quilting

My latest Color Wheel quilt came together quicker than ever with the updated, easy-to-print pattern templates.  With my excess, unspent energy, I decided to go on a deep dive for the perfect quilting pattern.  I surfaced with this...

Wheel Quilt quilting.jpg

Isn't it amazing?  It's so perfect for Wheel Quilt, with the flower at center, the larger arcs that echo outwards and flourishes at the corners to play up the negative space.  I'm loving the way the arcs fall on the 16 spokes of Wheel Quilt.   Makes me happy!

Corner flourish quilting.jpg

Well, if you have a Wheel Quilt that wants the same treatment, this is our most affordable level of custom quilting.  Order here and mention my Pastel Wheel Quilt Design as your quilting plan.


the Journey

I said this quilt was a celebration of journeys worth taking.  It is - both mine and yours.  We don't get anywhere without first striking out, hesitant, unskilled and sometimes unsuccessful.  When your first quilt or your first pattern or your first try at free motion quilting (or your second) are less than you'd hoped, know that most of us have travelled exactly that path. 

Rora on Wheel quilt back.jpg

At the heart of success is the courage to try and the humility to try again.  

I am satisfied creatively when I'm working on the edge of my skill set.  Today that's redesigning patterns, creating my first quilt kit and experimenting with custom longarm quilting.  Your journey may look different.  Whatever makes your heart sing, take ownership of your journey.  Its meandering path is a story worth telling.

Sunburst Color Wheel.jpg

Happy Spring!