in the Quilting Studio

We had a busy March in the quilting studio.  Here are a few of the fantastic quilts that came through...

Mendocino by Ashley of Film in the Fridge

Ashley's quilt.jpg

This pretty log cabin quilt is swimming with Heather Ross Mendocino mermaids. 

Oh, I do love those mermaids!  It's definitely a treat to see so many fabrics in person via our longarm quilting services.  Ashley mixed in a variety of fabrics with her admirable taste, while keeping the palette soft and feminine.

Clamshell Triple Fan.jpg

I chose Triple Arc quilting for this one.  It's an open, elegant design that reminds me of a mermaid arching through the air.  


Little Girl's Quilt by Samantha

Speaking of soft and feminine, take a look at the dreamy color scheme Samantha created for her niece. 

These breathless pastels echo the flowering trees and bushes of spring.  I hear the quilt is for a decidedly girly girl.  She's going to love it! 

Lily quilting.jpg
a little girl's Lily quilt.jpg

Nothing angular would do on this quilt.  We chose Lily quilting.  It's an even edge to edge quilting pattern with a light touch.  A dainty pattern for a dainty quilt!

Lily quilting sidelight.jpg

Did you notice that you can hardly see the quilting in the first close-up of this quilt, while the quilting jumps out in the second photograph?  It's all about the lighting.  Side-lighting is best for photographing quilting, as it creates shadows that outline the quilting.  In most cases I use a thread color that blends, so the quilting merges with the quilt in diffused or overhead lighting.  


Denyse Schmidt Stars by Kristy Daum

Kristy Daum of St. Louis Folk Victorian is one of our recent repeat customers.  I have to say that receiving a repeat order is such a great feeling.  It means so much!  This is the first quilt she sent us.  

Retro Tiles quilting.jpg

Kristy asked me to choose a pattern from among our rounded geometric quilting designs.  This quilt has a good amount of negative space, which reads modern, but is a traditional pattern and layout. The combo reminds me of Denyse Schmidt herself - modern traditional.  Such a great style!  Choosing a pattern wasn't easy, as several designs wrestled for my attention, but I settled on Retro Tile.  

Retro Tiles Closeup.jpg
Rora on Retro Tiles.jpg

What do you think?  It's an interesting quilting pattern, with all those circles converging to create points and petals.  At the same time it's not overly ornate.  I'm going to want to quilt this one again soon.  Maybe on your quilt?   Wink.

p.s.  It's best to photograph quilts when miss Rora is otherwise engaged.  She runs to get in the picture and is pretty hard to resist...


Blue Boxes + Patterns

boxed City Windows.jpg

I'm happy to report we secured a truckload of aqua blue boxes for Stitched in Color Quilting Services.  Aqua is our color this year!  All quilts are returned rolled and boxed, along with any excess backing fabric. 

Gift, store, reuse, enjoy!

Also, this week I've refreshed our Quilting Designs catalog.  I actually forced myself to cull some designs that haven't been useful yet.  I think it's important to have a healthy variety of designs.  At the same time, I want our catalog to be concise enough to easily peruse.  As time goes by, I'll keep adding and removing designs in order to refine and evolve.

It's hard because the options in quilting patterns are truly limitless.  But, as time goes on I'm getting a better feel for what works best for us.  If one of the designs you were interested in happens to disappear, don't fret.  Most likely, I can still do it for you!

I also added some new patterns:

Autumn Wind.jpg
Square Cut.jpg
Rice Paddy.jpg
Swivel Circle.jpg

The last one is called Graffiti.  Wild, right?  I think it would be amazing on the right quilt.  Certainly has lots more personality than you'd usually expect for an edge to edge design.  Maybe a teen you know would dig it?

Thanks for reading along and for your encouragement.  

Here's to quilts soon ready to be used and loved!