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Are you ready to learn how to sew curves?  Join us for Curves Class, a 5-week course, taking you from the very beginning all the way through precise and improv curves. 

No, it's not too hard!  It's fun and freeing - you'll see.

Wondering what this is about?  See Curves Class is Back for a thorough overview of class contents.  

Or, how about asking a friend?  Once upon a time, Erica Jackman of Kitchen Table Quilting took the maiden voyage of Curves Class.  Here are her thoughts on the experience!


Years ago when I was a fairly new quilter, I signed up for Rachel's Curves Class.  At the time I was terrified of curves and frankly was not all that interested in giving them a try, but I also knew that I needed to expand my skills and I wanted to learn from someone with experience.

And I did learn a lot.  There were moments when my points didn't match or my seam allowances on the curves were crazy and during those frustrating times it was definitely nice to have a little guidance!


pillow blog post.jpg
orange peel pillow.jpg

Orange Peel pillow still gets lots of use.  My Clamshell pillow became part of my very first blog post!

Scallop quilt.jpg

The class gave me the courage to try new things.  Curves Class was really the first time I thought about how fabrics worked within a project.  Finding the right project for a stack of fabric is still one of my favorite parts of the quilting process.  The Scallop quilt project toward the end of the class remains one of my favorites that I've made.

This class also inspired me to try making my own curves.  I drafted my own template and made my Deep Blue Sea quilt which was inspired by the Scallop quilt I made in the Curves class.

Deep blue sea.jpg

I would recommend taking the class!  Doing this really helped me to improve my skills and my confidence. 

Thanks, Erica!  And in case you'd like to see more, here are some favorite Curves Class projects from other students:

I hope you'll be joining us!