March Goal Post

Big Bedquilt QAL.jpg

Hello, Big Bed Quilt-Alongers!  Here we are at the end of March.  It's time for another check in to celebrate reaching our monthly goals in this long term project.  

In Pacing Yourself on a Long Term Project we talked about dividing your quilt-along goal into three smaller chunks, one for each month of our quilt-along.  Have you completed your March tasks?

For me, the answer is... not quite.  I have been sewing a Facing East block each Saturday.  My last March block is scheduled for tomorrow, March 31st.  I'll upload my photo of my March blocks once that is complete on Saturday or Sunday. 

Facing East March.jpg

I also have some applique circles to attach tonight.  Oh, deadlines.  Sometimes we need them!

Facing East March closeups.jpg

I can't believe that with tomorrow's block, I'll have a total of 33 Facing East blocks completed.  And now, at long last, I am nearing the finish with just 3 blocks left.  Wow!  Little steps, little victories and in the end it's sure to be a quilt I'm going to be really, really proud of because it took such perseverance.  

How about you?  If you have made some progress, but haven't quite achieved what you'd hoped this March, take this moment to reassess your big-picture Big Bed Quilt-Along goal.  There's still a whole month left - four weeks.  What could you accomplish this April if you put your mind to it?

Celebrate Our Progress

If you have met your goal, it's time to celebrate!  Please add a photo of your progress either here in the link party below OR on Instagram with hashtag #BigBedQAL.  I'll draw random winners from among those who post photos now through noon (eastern time) on Monday. 

Remember, The Warm Company is providing 5 prizes.  Each winner gets to choose a queen or king package of your favorite batting!  Prizes ship free to the United States.  Good luck, friends!

p.s.  Yes, we are using the honor system.  Everyone set their own goals and is keeping track of their own progress.  If you've accomplished what you planned for March, you are eligible to win.  Please celebrate by adding a photo of your project!