Curves Class is back!

My first online class and one of my best-loved, Curves Class is all about sewing curves.  Launched in 2012, this class has been encored more than once by popular demand. Each time students emerge brimming with excitement for the new possibilities open to them after mastering this skill.  

This April Curves Class is back!

Won't you join us?

Since I personally conquered my fear of curves, they have become a part of my creative journey.  Here are some of my curvy projects you may have seen now and then:

In the past you may have been intimidated by tight little curved seams, even downright petrified by curvy quilt blocks and more than a little skeptical that a curvy outlook could be in your stitchy future. That all ends now. No longer shall ye be limited to the straight edge. No longer shall ye look with fear upon that which inspires you...
— Stitched in Color, December 2011
Curves Class button.jpg

Yep, that still sums it up!   As a quilter it's easy to get so comfortable with straight line sewing that you believe the naughty little voice that whispers "curves are too hard."  They're not!  I promise! 

Let me hold your hand through this 5-week course which caters to both beginner and intermediate patchwork lovers.  You'll learn to sew curves from basic to advanced.  Improv curves too! 

Each week focuses on one main skill.  Each week you are presented with 3 projects to help you learn that skill, hands on.  Choose one or more that fits your experience and interests.  With each project, your experience and learning grow.

Lessons and projects are presented with full, detailed photo tutorials, video demos and many downloadable templates.  Projects range from small to large.  Quilts too!

Here's a summary of each week with a project preview...

Week 1:  Basic Curves

Truly, really basic and perfect for beginners.  If you've sewn 3 or so projects (of any kind) you should have the basic sewing know-how to get a ton out of this class!  And for those of you already experienced with simple curved sewing, opt for the "challenge" level project in Week 1 to keep you on your toes. 

Scallop Bunting Project.jpg

Rainbow Rd project.jpg

Week 2:  Basic Improv Curves

Because this stuff needn't be hard.  By the time you finish this week I think you'll be seeing a whole new world of curvy possibilities. All three of these projects are super fun to make.  It's going to be hard to choose - you'll see!  Yes, your enthusiasm is building and your confidence is running high so we'll continue on to...

Week 3:  Precise Curves

Let's tackle them head on.  We'll start off with that curvy classic - the drunkard's path - and then move on to a mod curved block of my own creation.  There's a fancy challenge project this week too.  If you go that route, you'll know you can sew any curve darn well with precision.

Scallop quilt project.jpg

Slices mat project.jpg

Week 4:  Advanced Improv Curves

Yes, I'm partial to improv piecing. It's really fun and funky and makes for such an original creation.  We'll learn some new techniques this week and what you can and cannot do with improv cutting.  (Because knowing what you cannot do can really save some fabric, let me tell you...) We'll also learn how to draft precise curve patterns so you'll be able to move forward with your own designs.

Week 5:  Curvy Quilts

It's time to create your masterpiece!  The class will include detailed tutorials for two quilt designs, Oodalolly and Wheel Quilt.  

Wheel Quilt medium.jpg
Oodalolly quilt project.jpg

How it Works

Curves Class is delivered via a password protected blog.  You have access to the class at any time and from anywhere, with an interactive format that allows me to publicly answer questions.  Blog posts go up regularly as the class progresses.

This 5 week course runs April 16 - May 18th.  Registration will begin on April 2nd.  The course is $55, which includes curves sewing lessons, plus 14 projects.  Expect detailed, step-by-step picture-packed tutorials, videos and a PDF coursebook of all content for your permanent reference. 

In order to participate you do not need to be able to access the class at a particular time of day.  The content is there when you need it, with new content being released as the days go by.  This real time element provides much-need motivation for us to get everything we can out of the class, rather than leaving it open ended for "someday."

Your access to the class blog will remain open through May 30th, during which time I will continue answering questions.  After May 30th the blog will be closed.  However, you will have your pdf coursebook to reference should you like to circle back to any projects you did not have time to make during live class.  And, of course, you can reach out to me anytime with your questions!

To those of you who have already taken this course, Thank You!  To the rest, please let me know if you have any questions.  Come claim your spot on April 2nd!

Get Your Curves On this spring!