February Goal Post

Big Bedquilt QAL.jpg

Hello my fellow Big Bed Quilt-Alongers.  It's time for our first check-in.  Today marks our February Goal Post. 

In Pacing Yourself on a Long Term Project we talked about dividing your quilt-along goal into three smaller chunks, one for each month of our quilt-along.  Have you completed your February tasks?

I have!  I've finished 4 Facing East blocks this month and ordered my border/backing fabric, this colorweave from Pineapple Fabrics.  I had forgotten about placing that order until I checked back on my February plans earlier this week.  Yay for writing things down!  Making a block every Saturday has worked well for me.  It's specific and doable.

February Facing East.jpg

How about you?  If you have made some progress, but haven't quite achieved what you'd hoped this February, please don't beat yourself up about it.  Instead, take this moment to reassess your big-picture Big Bed Quilt-Along goal (probably in the comments here), your current status and the amount of time we have left.  Make a new plan for March and April to get yourself back on track.

Celebrate Our Progress

If you have met your goal, it's time to celebrate!  Please add a photo of your progress either here in the link party below OR on Instagram with hashtag #BigBedQAL.  I'll draw random winners from among those who post photos now through noon (eastern time) on Friday. 

Remember, Pineapple Fabrics is providing 5 prizes.  Each winner gets to choose a 3 yard cut of 108" wide backing from their large selection!  Prizes ship free to the United States.  International winners will pay shipping.  Good luck, friends!

p.s.  Yes, we are using the honor system.  Everyone set their own goals and is keeping track of their own progress.  If you've accomplished what you planned for February, you are eligible to win.  Please celebrate by adding a photo of your project!