Elora, 15 Months

fifteen months.jpg

Welcome to another Elora update.  Oh, hasn't it been sooooo long?  What, just 3 months?  Impossible.


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Let's see, where to start?  First, she's my sweetie baby.  She's such a very, very good girl.  A good sleeper, an affectionate temperament.  Oh, she gives hugs now!  That's the best.  

This weekend I weaned her off her last feeding.  Now I'm going to call her the toddler she is, now that she's not nursing.  And toddle she does!  She is quite the unsteady walker, though she's been careening around the house since the new year.  She throws herself into walking, practically running before she had learned to stand still.  

This year I'm looking forward to all the adventures we'll have - the zoo, the pool, the park.  How blessed we are!

Memory box {Fifteen Months}

Milestones:  No words yet, but lots of receptive language.  Expressive babbling.  Walking.  Standing up without pulling up. 

Boundaries.  We first noticed this with the Christmas tree. She would sit and stare at it angelically, minding our admonishments to "just look.... pretty."  Rora is shockingly obedient about things that are "not for you", as we like to say.  If she is caught touching something not for her, a gentle word will make her jump, dropping the item like a hot potato and scurrying away from the guilty zone.  When she finds something new that is unsafe, and we must say, "not for you", she is apt to throw herself on the floor crying in despair. 

As odd as it is to say of a fifteen month old, I believe she feels deeply that something has come between us when she misbehaves.   Of course, nothing can truly come between us, and I try to correct her as gently as possible.  I know it won't always be so easy, so I'm enjoying this initial obedience!

Biggest Challenge:  Not having words.  Not that it's weighing on us, but it would be easier for all involved if she had some words to communicate her desires.  She's learned the "all done" sign, but none of the others.  She has figured out to stand by the refrigerator when she wants a drink, which works well.  She also has a tendency to carry around her shoes, which probably means she'd like to go outside!  But then, she'd always like to go outside.

Wait a minute, her biggest challenge might actually be stranger anxiety.  It's hit a peak, so much so that she sometimes bursts into tears when I leave her with daddy to run an errand.  She's decided that I'm definitely her favorite.  (Poor Brandon.  We all know he never had a chance.  Smirk.)


Biggest Surprise:  When I place Rora in her crib at nap time, I help her lay down and place her blankie in her hands.  She'll roll over onto her stomach as I draw a light quilt over her.  And then, sometimes I'll catch her doing this adorable thing.  She squeezes her eyes shut as if to say, "go to sleep eyes".  Of course, her eyes don't cooperate, so they open again, but it's so cute.  She definitely an agreeable little one.

Best Memory:  We'll have to circle around to where we started - hugs.  No matter what kind of day I've had, she can make everything right in my world. 

There's that moment when we make eye contact after some time apart.  With a huge grin, she'll start walk-running my way.  When she's almost reached my open arms, she'll fling herself at me.  I'll catch her and scoop her up and coo as her head nestles into my shoulder. 

At moments like these, there's no room for fear or anger or sadness.  It's all joy.