how to have a Saturday Sewcation


Maybe your partner is out of town.  Maybe your kids spent the night at grandma's.  Whatever it is, the stars have aligned and you have a Saturday all to yourself.  To sew!  

Forget the Bahamas, this is your time to relax, indulge and make!  And, hey, it's the cheapest way to vacation!

Here's how to make the most of staycation sewing. 


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Make a Declaration

Let's make this official.  Notify those nearest and dearest to you that your Saturday sewcation is on the calendar.  Expectations are everything.  Let them know you'll be sewing all. day. long.  This is also your promise to yourself.  Don't forget to remind them when the lovely day dawns.  Hey dearies, this is really happening!

Do No Chores

This is essential.  Do nothing out of duty.  That means, no dishes, no vacuuming, no grocery shopping... no chores!  Unless, that is, you really want to include it on your vacation.  Unless, you like it more than sewing?  

I didn't think so.  

All of those necessary tasks can wait one more day.  You wouldn't take laundry on vacation, would you?  You said this was the day you could set aside for sewing.  Don't let chores nibble away at your fun.


Eat Easy

Stock the fridge and pantry in advance with easy-to-grab snacks.  Order take out.  Eat leftovers.  Do anything but cook... for anyone.  All I need is some fruit, nuts and chocolate.  Sounds like vacation to me!  

Of course, you may want to add a beverage of choice...

Set the Scene

Don't have a permanent sewing space?  This the time to pull out all the stops.  Set up the ironing board and iron, cutting station and sewing station.  Tack up some batting to make a quickie design wall.  Get out ALL your fabric.

Even if you have a sewing space, some primping may be in order.  Does it need a major cleaning?  Not on your staycation, friend!  Tidy the night before or just work in the mess.  Sewcations are for sewing. 

Hmm.. what else?  Perhaps a good audio book or some tunes?  Crank up the heat in the winter.  Open the windows in pretty weather.  Enjoy!

Prep Projects

You've cleared your time and set the scene, but what will you sew? 

Be totally spontaneous, if it will enhance your fun.  As insurance against creative block, maybe brainstorm 2-3 projects in advance so you have some exciting possibilities.  If you choose to go another direction on your big day, that's fine too.


Or, you might like to hone in on project (like your Big Bed Quilt or a languishing WIP) to make great gains. In this case, make sure you have all the supplies you'll need: pattern, fabric, thread, etc.  Try to make a test block in advance so you can launch into your staycation sewing with confidence.

Invite a Friend

Your Saturday sewcation sounds downright divine already!  The only thing that could make it sweeter is good company.  If you're lucky enough to have a creative friend who could also clear his or her schedule, make it a date.  Even if they don't sew, they may be able to staycation with you while painting, scrapbooking, knitting, etc.  Plus, inviting a friend will help you stay on plan, rather than getting distracted by the other pulls of life.  

Alright, I'm feeling inspired to sewcation!  Off to consult my calendar. 

Have a Great Time, Friends!

This post is part of a series:  the Big Bed Quilt-Along.  We're sewing along February - April 2018, but you can use the resources anytime to help you make a large quilt.  Use hashtag #BigBedQAL to share your progress!