Online Sewing Classes - what say you?

Is it mid-November already? Yesiree. It’s time to do some thinking about next year. I’d love to chat with you about something that’s become a bit of a mystery to me…

Online Sewing Classes

Do you like them? I mean you did like them. When I started offering courses years ago, they were a big hit. But, what say you now? I know that Craftsy and Creativebug have come in big and bold in this arena. We do things a little differently.

Different Formats

My courses are generally 5 weeks of instruction around a theme such as sewing curves, sewing angles or hand sewing with projects that build strategically upon each other. Taking this time together allows us to dive deep into the topic and significantly develop your skills.

Priced at $55, students say my courses are richly detailed. In the past I’ve delivered them via private blogs with lecture and project posts rolling out multiple times a week. At the conclusion of the course, you receive a PDF coursebook of all contents for a permanent record. The PDF makes any patterns or projects you skipped available to you at your convenience.

three sewing machines.jpg

For years, Craftsy has offered short courses, a la carte, usually based on one project or a very specific skill. They’re moving to a subscription model, like Creativebug. I can see how these short courses are attractive - less time commitment, often a smaller investment. Both companies use lots of video.

What Say You Now?

Are you looking for a full, comprehensive learning experience (like a multi-week course) or more of a quick, highly targeted experience (like a day class)?

Do you have a preference for content delivered via a private blog verses delivered via a series of emails with multiple downloadable pdf’s? The second could be more like a block of the month style, which spreads out the experience over a longer span. That’s what I did with my Penny Sampler in 2017, and it seemed to work well.

Last night I was day dreaming about a email class that was sort of choose-your-own-adventure. I’m wondering if I could allow you to set the pacing and even effect the ordering of projects to some degree.

My Thoughts

I’d like to encore one of my classes early 2019, perhaps Angled (course description) or the Machine Paper Piecing aspect of Penny Sampler, with some new MPP material.

Or, I’m also thinking about a sewing room organization class. This would be best as a series of email challenges and resources, I think. Hmmm… like spring cleaning for quilters with ideas of organizing works in process, scraps, supplies, fabric and all the quilty things for optimal efficiency and loveliness.

No matter what, I want to reconsider how the content is delivered, to best fit your creative life.

Ok, I’m all ears! Here’s a quick poll to facilitate your feedback. You can also add a comment, of course, with your clever suggestions! Thanks So Much for sharing your thoughts!



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