bandana bib Bonanza

How's that for a title?  I've got to tell you about my latest craze, but first I want to thank you for your helpful and supportive comments on my Sorbetto Muslin

I wish everyone trying to get started with garment sewing had you dear readers for her friends.  You are so generous with your advice.  Thank you!!  It seems that the pattern has some shortcomings because I measured perfectly for that size, bust and all, yet you all agree it is fitting about 2 sizes too big.  So many people mentioned that Colette patterns can be hard to fit, and recommended I try something altogether different.  After I read this post about the Sorbetto, I decided to abandon ship.  Instead of trying to alter this pattern, I'm going to take my newbie garment-sewing-self over to Made by Rae.  Lots of you have raved for Rae's patterns.  Hoping to be back soonish with a new muslin! 

Meanwhile... if you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed I overgrammed my baby girl wearing bandana bibs last week. 

Oh, yes I did.

This happened because...

1.  My friend's baby has been wearing bandana bibs to all our playdates.  I finally get it - they're actually very functional (and cute).  The best ones are made with extra fullness just below the chin to catch le drooooool.  Plus, with snap closure Rora won't be able to yank them off! 

2.  I found this free pattern online and it fit Rora on the first try.  It FIT!  (Unlike my muslin, cough.)

3.  Bibs are the perfect instant gratification sewing project for a new mom.  They take all of fifteen minutes to sew and then you should really put them on your baby and take a picture.  What mama can resist?

4.  Want to use your cute fabric?  Make a bib!  Do you still hear the cabinets calling?  Make another!  You really can't have too many bibs, so why are you stopping?  That's right... make. more. bibs!


It turns out that four was not enough.  I have to keep making bibs!  I'm going to be busy this week prepping the Stitched Holiday online classroom, so I won't get to do much sewing.  But, I can set these aside to make one bib each night before bed.  Then Rora has a clean bib every morning.  Oh my gosh, it's faster than laundry!


Warning... more bandana-bib-gramming coming up.