Mint Gauze Geranium Dress

Look, I made an Easter dress!  It's not what I set out to make, but I'll take it!

Mint Gauze dress close up.jpg

I chose to make baby Rora a dress in double gauze, because it's such a soft, delightful fabric for warm southern spring weather.  Not that this week is particularly warm, but we've already had over 80 degree weather this year (gulp).  The heat is surely coming.  

This is the Geranium dress pattern in size 12-18 months.  Baby is 15 months old, so it just fits in the bodice.  Soon I'll be bumping up to the 24 month size.  I used the expansion pattern pack to cut short puff sleeves and extend the bodice from an empire waist (classic Geranium pattern) to this natural waist length.

Mint Gauze Geranium dress.jpg
Mint Gauze lace trim.jpg

Of course, I needed the extra bodice length to make space for these pretty trims!  Love.  The pastel mint color combined with the dainty cream lace and that thrifted pale pink beaded ribbon... well, it all seems meant to be.

So, Easter dress... check!  Now it's time for some bright, playful things.  I have a whole stack of ideas and a Pinterest board to match!  More baby clothes soon.