Light + Breezy Toddler Summer Romper

Guess what I made?  It's a quick, little romper for Rora in breezy, beautiful voile!  I picked up this Cloud 9 organic voile from Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory, where it's on sale now.   The colors are girly, but the angular not-rainbow design is urban and artsy.  

Light and Breezy Toddler Summer Romper

Here it is made up in the Summer Romper, a free pattern in sizes 2 to 11 from the Purl Bee.  It's the first thing I've made for her in size 2.  Eeek!  Clearly it's the adjustable straps that make this size work.  She can't be a size 2, can she?  Not my baby!

Anyhoo, it was a pleasure to make.  It's fitted with elastic at the waist in a clever interior casing.  I added snaps at the crotch, for diaper access.  I needed a full yard of fabric to make it in her size.  But that's a whole outfit for a yard!  I can't complain.  

Voile Toddler Summer Romper
Onepiece Romper with Elastic Waist

The weather is certainly not yet warm enough for this little romper, but when summer rolls round I'll be glad to dress her in something so airy and cool.  

Hmm...what is next for miss Rora's wardrobe?  Another romper, skirt, dress or... a top?  We shall see.  I think I'm on a roll!