a Sorbetto Muslin

I have to admit that making a Sorbetto muslin took about two seconds.  There really is no excuse for not making one, except the cost of fabric.  Luckily I had a lightweight woven on hand that was a shipment mistake, so it was easy to sacrifice for the cause.

So, making the muslin is easy, but getting the fit right is a whole other matter.  Let's just slip this bad baby on...


Um, tada?   Yeah, no.   Instead, It feels more like this...


For reference, this is me in my body.  I'm 9 months postpartum with my 4th child and 35 years old.  I give myself permission to be comfortable in my skin.


I don't expect to look like a swimsuit model in the Sorbetto, or even like the Colette model in the Sorbetto, but I'm pretty sure the top isn't currently doing me any favors.

The Sorbetto Sew-Along has tips for narrowing or widening the shoulder, but I think I'm good there.  To focus on the positive, it looks fine from the back.  If that's a thing.  When I move it really gaps at the front neckline, but maybe that would be controlled by the bias binding on a finished top or lessened with the drapey rayon I plan to use?

It's definitely too big under the arms.  I could take in the side seams evenly, by sewing an extra-wide seam allowance.  Would that fix it?  Or, I could bring the shoulders up slightly, which would also raise the bust dart helpfully.  But, wait, that would make the shoulders wider too.  That's probably the wrong way to go.

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For sure I've got to do something!  The Sorbetto Sew-Along has instructions for moving a bust dart, so I'm going to start there.  By my calculations I need to raise the dart by 1.25".  I'm not sure at this point if I should also move the dart in slightly towards center so that the outer edge of the dart section aligns with the rest of the top, or if I should keep the dart where it is and blend the edges with some extra paper. 


So don't be shy!  Tell me what you think, you garment sewers out there.  If I was sewing alone I'd probably wimp out at this point.  Advice welcome!!!