Elora, 10 months

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There is no more perfect baby than your own happy child!  We are all beaming from the inside out as we see her discover and enjoy this world.  10 months old is a wonderful age.  Her little personality is blossoming, as she starts to remember what she likes and what she doesn't like and lets us know. 

This morning when I put her in the carseat to head to grandma's house, she burst into tears - real tears.  She has been an easy baby to take along, hardly ever complaining in the car, so this was a surprise.  I caressed her sweet face and told her I would put on her music.  As soon as I closed the car door, she stopped crying.  When the music came on, she squealed her approval! 


Memory Box {Ten Months}

Milestones:  Rora is standing up everywhere, all day long.  She's graduated from using horizontal surfaces like ledges, to using vertical services she can lean against as she comes to stand.  Her little feet have found their purchase, but those legs are still quite wobbly.

These days, standing is more fun than toys! 

Hmm... as for other milestones, I think she's starting to understand some baby signs and simple words.  I didn't use baby sign with Aria and Liam because they learned to talk so early that it wasn't useful.  I think Rora is going to make use of baby signs.  When I sign "all done" at the end of a meal, she breaks out in a huge smile that probably means, "Awesome, you're going to stop trying to put more banana in my mouth!" 


Don't let these pictures fool you - she still doesn't properly crawl.  She moves about on her tummy, going from tummy to kneeling to stand.  The crawling and sitting positions are just for fun, not functional yet.  But she sure is adorable no matter the reason!

Biggest Challenge:  This girl is as slippery as a fish when it's time to change or dress her.  Gone are the days of happy, patient changes.  She wants to be on the move and flip-flops on the table trying to find a way of escape.  I try snatch a toy to distract her whenever we head for the changing table.

Biggest Surprise:  Ok, Brandon really is her favorite person.  I hate to admit it, but it's true.  You know from the beginning he was smugly calling himself "her favorite" even when it was ludicrous and impossible.  But, darn it, I think he made it come true with all of his silly faces and daring toss games.  That and the fact that she sees a whole lot less of him than of me.  We'll say that's his main advantage.  Wink.


Special Memory:  Can you guess what will send Rora speeding across the floor with the dramatic seesaw scooting motion of a seal on land? 

Music.  Specifically, music created by one of her siblings.  When Aria sits down at the piano or Liam practices his trumpet, our baby will point her eager little self in their direction and make way with a wide-eyed squeal.  Sure she likes when I sing to her or when she makes loud sounds with her toys, but the volume of her sibling's instruments is clearly a wonder. 


Everyone loves to see Rora take a turn at the piano, enthusiastically pounding out her joy.

p.s.  If you missed it, watch her play the cymbals with brother.  I dare you not to smile!

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