darling Diaper Covers

Ok, they're done!  That was quick (and easy).  In fact, diaper covers would make a nice first project if you'd like to ease into apparel.  It's really just cutting out pattern pieces, sewing a few seams and inserting elastic. 

If you're looking for a well-written free pattern, I recommend the Blousy Bloomers by Sew Caroline.  Everything was very clear, yet concise. 

I enjoyed adding trims, something we don't often get to play with in quilting.  The pattern was not written for French seams, but it didn't require any modifications to go that route.  After sewing the first seam, I used Roxanne's glue baste to stabilize that tiny lace trim (Frou Frou lace from The Confident Stitch).  Using glue is way easier than trying to pin the wee thing.  After basting the trim, I sewed the final French seam.  Worked quite well!

I made size 9-12 months, which have a roomy fit even over a cloth diaper.  Rora is almost 7 months, but wearing a cloth diaper often bumps her up a size.  With this pattern, she could have worn 6-9 months.  Oh well, maybe they'll still fit next year?  You see, she wears one-size cloth diapers so they won't get much bigger and her bum probably won't either!

She's comfy moving about in this roomy version.  They sure do pouch out quite a bit if we help her stand up.  Oh well, she can pull it off.  Just check out that cheeky tongue action!

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I also made one diaper cover using a pattern from Creative Atelier, a blog which is written in Spanish.  I was drawn to this pattern for its multiple rows of waist elastic and high waist charm.  Since I don't understand Spanish, I used Google Translate, which produced this English version of the pattern. 

The translation was functional and at times hilarious.  Google wasn't sure if I was sewing a "baby high heeled ski pant," "cufflinks," a "high waisted overcoat" or "panty liner."

Poor Rora, all she got was a plain old diaper cover.  I wouldn't mind sewing a high waisted overcoat, actually...  But that would be all mine!

I chose the largest size available with this free pattern - size 6-12 months.  It barely fits over our cloth diaper and isn't as "high waist" as I had hoped, so this is not a repeat pattern for us.  But wouldn't it be cute on a new baby!  I think it'd be darling on a summer newborn to dress up a onesie!

It's such a treat to sew for my baby.  I'm already looking forward to revisiting all this as a grandmother someday.  Fingers crossed I get to be a grandmama!!!