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Wow, thank you!  If a girl wants to know, she only has to ask!  I received over 700 responses to Friday's survey and am still reading through your suggestions.  It's been so helpful!  I've learned some new things about you and it's also confirmed some things... such as you are definitely Quilters and you definitely buy fabric and you are still quite interested in patterns, classes and even sew-alongs.  That last one is especially fun news.  I love hosting sew-alongs!

I have no inclination to stop blogging as this is the best. job. ever.  I just needed some fresh ideas that actually connect with your needs, and I think I have them!  Actually, I have an exciting bunch of ideas!  Now I have to make sure not to pursue them all at once, because I'm pretty sure that trying to do too many things at one time results in nearly nothing getting done, hehe. 

Well, with so much on my mind lately, business-wise, I was extra-glad to take a mental break from big decisions to actually SEW this weekend.  I'm eager to make some new clothes for baby.  At this rolling-rocking-tummy-stage, dresses are not really ideal.  I like to put my 6-month-old in comfy knit onesies and stretchy leggings which won't slow her down.  But, with the weather getting warmer, I'm thinking some cute shorts, diaper covers or rompers would be fun.

Stage One:  Brainstorming

My first stop is my For Littles pinboard which has a very modest collection of ideas I've pinned over the years.  Then it's on to general Pinterest searches and Google image searches.  There are gobs of free diaper cover tutorials.  I'm looking for something that looks more like shorts than underwear.  Here is a smattering of ideas I considered:

You can now find links to all of those patterns or tutorials via my pinboard

I've decided to make two different styles of bloomers that will pair well with simple, solid onesies.  My choices are the Sew Caroline Blousy Bloomers, which invite the use of contrast fabric and trim, and the High Waisted Bloomers by Creative Atelier

Stage Two:  Fabrics

After selecting two free patterns and printing out templates, I began rummaging through my stash for pretty floral prints.  A lightweight Liberty lawn or voile would be nice, but I don't have a large enough piece since I don't generally stash anything but quilting cotton.  Still, I'm pretty excited about my selections:

I was thinking to make the bow on the high waisted bloomers in a contrast fabric (which is why all of my selections are fabric pairs), but now I'm not so sure.  Often simpler is better with clothing.  I'm not used to thinking that way when choosing fabrics for quilts!

Stage Three:  Sew!

I've started by cutting fabrics for the Blousy Bloomers and am auditioning these fun trims.  What good timing since they just arrived yesterday from The Confident Stitch.  That's 1/2" pompom trim and a sweet little lace.  I think I'm going to have to go with the lace just because I already had ideas for the pompom trim!

Ok, I actually should get back to it.  Maybe I can finish a pair before Rora wakes from her morning nap?

Wishing you a happy Monday!