go go Fabric Stacks

And we're off!  Around the world fabric lovers are diving into their stash and discovering new connections with 30 Days of Fabric Stacks.  It's such fun to see ideas igniting, inspired by the same simple sparks, yet shining with unique personality. 

If you're wondering, it's not at all too late to join in.  We have oodles of time left to complete the challenge and you can even make more than one stack per day.  Just start with Day 1 and go for it!  New folks are beginning the challenge every day!  See this post for all the details. 

I've just posted my Day 5/Baby stack this morning.  I like to keep it casual and resist over-thinking these things.  My stack started with that Heather Ross piggies print, which has been languishing in my stash for years, literally.  The fabric wanted limey greens, oranges, yellows, so I found helpful fabrics from my stash that could jive with a "baby boy" sort of look. 

At the last minute I added the gray grid print for a boost of cool neutral.  One of the unique things about Heather Ross' piggies print is the pairing of warm shades with a very cool gray background.  I feel like my stack supports that well.

My favorite stack I've made so far is this grouping for Ethereal.   I know you're probably thinking, "enough with the peach and mint, Rachel!"  Seems I can't get enough of it right now!

I've really enjoyed hearing how others are processing the challenge theme prompts.  Seems I'm not the only one who struggles with orange:

Orange is the color I most dislike. For as long as I remember. I don’t know why. I’m slowly making peace with it. Teal and green are my favorites! Why do we respond differently to color? Is it in our genes? In any case, I have to convice myself to buy orange fabrics because I read somewhere that you can’t ignore a color in quilting. At one point, you’ll be looking for a color to add some zing to your quilt and wouldn’t you know, that color will be Orange!
— Gisele at Instagram.com/g_quilteuse

Ethereal was a tricky prompt for many who found they did not have anything in their stash that felt light and airy.  Don't forget that you can always use one of your Skips to work through a tough theme (see rules for directions). 

I love what Nancy had to say about Ethereal and also enjoyed Daphne's block created with her Ethereal fabric stack.

This was very enlightening for me. I started to get an idea for what ethereal means to me: light, blurry and sketched motifs, flowers, and a sense of freedom and floating. I also realized that pink plays a big part in this. The Kaffe surprised me and I think it works!
— Nancy at Instagram.com/naluju

#30DaysofFabricStacks Prizes

Today I get to award our first participation prize!  A random draw of all those photos submitted with the event's hashtag....awards a $30 gift certificate for Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory to Quilter397 for her Ethereal stack!  Congratulations!  I'll be in touch to deliver your prize.

You have a chance to win every Friday for the next seven weeks with each challenge photo!  In order to be eligible for prizes, follow StitchedinColor, CharmAboutYou and BobbieLouFabric on Instagram.  Next week the lucky winner will get to choose a favorite fat quarter stack from the 30 Days of Fabric Stack bundles being created by Chelsea of Bobbie Lou:

Oh, fabric, how we love thee!  And color, my truest first love.  J'adore.