the little things

When I feel overwhelmed by all that must be done, I often start with the little things.  Tackling a few minor tasks and being able to cross them off my list, settles my spirit to focus on the bigger jobs at hand. 


This weekend I welcomed October by freshening my desk.  A little dusting, a fresh to do list, a new calendar page.  It sounds silly, but a tidy workspace really helps me be productive.  My mom recently repotted this plant which used to live in our living room.  I'm enjoying it so much more by my desk, where its elegant curved stems and tapered leaf tips contrast so nicely with all my square corners. 


I also used some leftover Rifle Paper canvas to recover the seat cushion of my rolling office chair.  To make the cushion, I traced the cushion pad onto the canvas, adding 4.5" all the way around.  Then I made a 1/2" doublefold hem, which acts as a casing for some paracord my husband had on hand. 

That definitely feels more like me!


I also recently freshened my ironing board cover.  This mini board has a wooden core, which I pad with repurposed towels and recover with a 1/2 yard of fabric whenever it gets sad and stained-looking. 


Anna Maria Horner's Baby Bouquet fabric is one of my favorites.  It inspired a whole quilt fabric pull once!  I'll enjoying spending time with it over the next year.


Ok!  That feels good.  Now I feel ready for the new week.  Ready to be productive, make decisions and enjoy this lovely autumn weather.

Happy Monday all!