my QuilterSpace story

Since I learned to sew about ten years ago, I’ve set up my sewing space in several different places. Once I was hooked on patchwork, I knew I needed to carve out a permanent space for myself. Getting out the machine and putting it (as well as everything else) away every time I wanted to sew… that was such a waste of time and energy.

summer smapler 011.jpg

For a few years my sewing nook was situated on one end of our dining table. I put in the extension leaf so that the table was bigger than we needed. I could clear all my things to one end when it was time to eat, and spread back out when I got the chance to sew. It worked! Gradually the dining room became more and more of a sewing room, as I took over the hutch and added storage furniture for my fabrics.


In the next phase I sewed in an entry room. Before the remodel, our home had this long, awkward entry room that I had originally set up as a kid’s craft room. Now that Stitched in Color was a fledgling business, taking over that space made sense. The kids could craft at the dining table! I brought in the biggest work table that I could find and reorganized the room to make it my own. It was such a blessing to be able to keep my work out on the table, ongoing. I felt more productive and starting sewing even more often!


A few years ago we made a home addition to modernize our 60’s ranch house. As an awesome side bonus, I got a dedicated sewing room which closes off from the rest of the house with French doors. It’s nice to have my space out of the entry and helps keep little fingers safe. Truthfully, I feel really spoiled in my current space, which has loads of natural light and the world’s biggest design wall. Yes, it is hard to leave!


As I was writing QuilterSpace, I couldn’t help thinking and dreaming about setting up my sewing space in our new home overseas. I know my new space will be smaller and likely subject to entry traffic. It probably won’t be as bright either. It’s easy to focus on what your space is lacking, to look at the pretty Pinterest pictures of glorious sewing rooms and only see what you can’t have. That way leads nowhere good.

QuilterSpace - contents.jpeg

It’s really not about what space you have, whether it be large or small, dedicated or shared. What matters is what you do with it. And you can do something lovely with it, I’m sure! With QuilterSpace I’ve set out to help you see your space with fresh eyes. In many, many little steps (as well as a few big ones) we can totally change the way you use and enjoy your creative nook. It takes intention, inspiration and time.

If your space needs reimagining, organization and/or beautification, I hope you’ll allow me to be your guide. QuilterSpace officially launches today. Sign up here. You can start your journey now or later this March or April.

Be sure to take a “before” picture! I can’t wait to see your space again, on the other side!!!