Taming the Chaos

I was really excited today to make some patchwork for the first time in my new sewing room. I pulled out the project I had started before our move - cheerful striped and ombre fabrics for a patchwork doodle - and got right to it.

my Juki. Stitched in Color.jpg

The first thing I noticed was how fantastic it is to sew with my Juki TL2010Q again. This machine has been such a delight! It’s dependable, powerful and fuss-free. What I love the very most is the knee-lift for moving the presser foot and the pedal-activated automatic thread cutter. I know it sounds like a little thing, but these features in combination really make sewing patchwork more efficient and enjoyable. I’ve been without them for over three months while I was using my travel sewing machine. Three cheers for the Juki!!!

Sponsor of the Week

Sew Vac Direct

Time for a sewing machine upgrade? I highly recommend the Juki TL2010Q for patchwork and home quilting. It is a high quality, heavy duty machine with all the features that really matter to a quilter. It only sews a straight stitch, which makes it a great choice for free motion quilting too!

Sew Vac Direct offers excellent customer service. I’m so glad I began partnering with them in 2013.

The next thing I noticed was that this improv patchwork wasn’t doing it for me. Sure, I like the colors and fabrics. I’m actually pleased with what I created. I think this cluster of blocks will be nice in my patchwork doodle. Maybe I’ll make more at some point.

Improv HST blocks. Stitched in Color.jpg

But. But, I didn’t enjoy the process. Cutting and sewing ruler-free just doesn’t feel good right now. Perhaps it’s because my life has been a bit freeform for much too long. I miss strong rhythms that work for us to shape and support our days. Unpacking into a new house is all about taming the chaos. Everything needs a home and so much is stuck in-between while you wait for new shelves to be installed or the right moment to hang the artwork, etc.

All star stripes. Stitched in Color.jpg

Instead, I’m craving a patchwork project which offers order. I want a dose of precision and even repetition. This weekend my goal is to finish a few things. After that, something new is coming. I’m curious to see what it will be!