A Colorful Thread: August 2019


Weaving together my life as a maker and other spheres of life.

On My Mind

Experimenting:: with ruler-free improv stars. My first try took more effort than I expected, and a few points will become dulled when it is joined into the quilt. I wonder if I can find my way to a smoother experience?

Improv star.jpg

Reading:: Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover. I was bound to read this highly awarded memoir at some point, since memoirs are my favorite genre. Her story is fascinating and sometimes quite painful to read. I was surprised when I could make certain political or religious connections between Tara’s upbringing and my own or those of my American friends. Her situation is definitely extreme, but a cautionary tale nevertheless.

Sponsor of the Week

Winter Creek Cloth

New collections are arriving!

Nuncia - a sophisticated and chic collection by Pat Bravo

Dew & Moss - a sweet and playful collection by a new AGF designer Alexandra Bordallo

The Opposite - classic Marcia Derse style in black and white

Anticipating:: Moving into my new home! Today we get the keys to our townhouse, where we expect to make our home for at least three years. I am so ready to organize and beautify and make a place really work for us again. Hurray for having a sewing studio again! It’s going to be tight, but it will be my all my own.

the Penny Sampler, interpreted by Nicolette of Dutch Comfort

the Penny Sampler, interpreted by Nicolette of Dutch Comfort

Following:: Nicolette of Dutch Comfort. I’ve been reading the Dutch Comfort blog for years and years, long before the idea of moving to Europe ever entered my mind. Today I also follow her on Instagram @DutchComfort. Nicolette has been dubbed a “modern traditional quilter”, which I quite like. Her most recent blog post laments the shortage of quilt bloggers. Do you still enjoy a good read? Check her out!

I’ve been thinking about writing another Expat Chronicles post, but I’m unsure of the subject. Aria and Liam started school this week, but we’ll need more time there before I’ll feel qualified to share our experience. I do plan to let you know how that goes! Elora is still awaiting placement in a preschool. Hopefully soon.

Is there a topic besides school that you’re dying for me to cover? Do tell. I enjoy sharing those snippets of our life here.


Rachel Hauser