Ice Cream Soda, to go

Hello, friends! Today I’m busy unpacking and organizing in our new home. As you can imagine, everything is topsy turvy, but I do know where my Ice Cream Soda blocks can be found. Fortunately, I snapped some pictures before we left our apartment, when my spaces were still presentable!

This portable, compact little project has been everything I hoped for in this time of transition. No pressure and total gratification each time I finish a block.

new blocks. Stitched in Color.jpg

I finished three new blocks since last time I shared. I wonder, which one is your favorite? Each one uses fussy fabric placement for effect. Hmm.. I can’t decide.

Sponsor of the Week

Tales of Cloth

The Seedling Quilts is a beautifully curated collection of EPP and Applique quilt designs inspired by medicinal herbs. The quilts range from intricate and completely hand pieced to simple, machine pieced quilts with a little hand stitched flourish. 

The main quilt, Seedlings, is a sampler made up of each design featured in the book. Tales of Cloth quilt-along coming in October!

Jodi at Tales of Cloth and I were recently chatting about her famous Ice Cream Soda quilt pattern. It’s a mysterious thing how some patterns really take off. What makes them so beguiling? One of her observations about Ice Cream Soda blocks is how nicely they fit in the hand. A finished block is just 7” across.

Ice Cream Soda collection. Stitched in Color.jpg

I would have to agree that each block is complicated enough to be interesting, but small enough to keep things moving along. However, what really drew me to the pattern is the unique patchwork design. I love the star-in-star blocks combined with the diamond and triangle background joining pieces. It’s such a beautiful arrangement.

Birdie block. Stitched in Color.jpg

When next I have a moment to sit down and relax, I’ll be pulling out this new Ice Cream Soda block. Slow stitching with birdies all around - sounds perfectly delightful.