A Colorful Thread: July 2019


Weaving together my life as a maker and other spheres of life.

On My Mind

Experimenting:: with new shipping boxes. Today I trimmed and prepared to ship my first customer quilt to the European Union! It’s a lovely Gypsy Wife quilt made by @Miss Ellies Sewciety of Germany.

Trimming customer Gypsy Wife. Stitched in Color.jpg

My new custom shipping boxes are roomy enough for large bed quilts. They’re easy to open and close again with sturdy flaps that tuck inside. Keeping your quilt safe and sound is definitely a top priority. This box design adds more protection for your precious quilt than typical shipping boxes.

Quilt in box. Stitched in Color.jpg

The graphic design pattern on the boxes is based on my Still Point quilt pattern. I hope my customers like them!

Reading:: I Was Anastasia by Ariel Lawhon. I read a few novels in July, but this one stands out. The author used a non-chronological timeline in such an interesting way in this book. If you enjoy historical fiction, I think you’ll relish this novel. Don’t freshen up on any history before you do! It’s better if you take in the story just as the author shares it.

Sponsor of the Week

Gotham Quilts

In 2020, Gotham Quilts is launching their first-ever Block of the Month program! They’ve chosen a modern, skill-builder: Carolyn Friedlander's Collection Quilt based on needle-turn applique.

Needle-turn applique is a traditional technique that can be done with ultra-modern results, and it's a great skill to have in your quilting toolkit for the future.

Learn more + Sign Up.

Anticipating:: The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham! I’ve made last-minute plans to visit a gigantic quilt show this weekend. I’ll be traveling to the United Kingdom in hopes of building connections with the European quilting community. You can find me in the show and exhibitor halls on Friday and Saturday, if you’re also at The Festival of Quilts. Hope to see you there!

Following:: Jo Avery started her blog, My Bearpaw, about the same time I started mine. Our paths have crossed over the years, as we’ve visited each other’s blogs, sewed in do. Good Stitches and grown our little quilt businesses. I’m so excited to have plans to meet her this weekend at The Festival of Quilts!

Do you enjoy reading quilt blogs? I’m sure you’ll enjoy My Bearpaw. Jo tells great stories and is just such an inspiring person. Click over to read the story behind her Spotlight at 40 quilt, shown left. It’s quite a good read!

I’m putting on my “Brave” again as I venture out into the big quilt world this weekend. I’m quite at home here at Stitched in Color sharing with you all and being my genuine self. It feels quite different to strike out with business cards in hand to make contacts and spread the news of my longarm business amongst strangers in the flesh. As I face these feelings of inadequacy I try to remind myself that many things are only as difficult as one imagines them to be. This weekend my mantra might be: think positive, smile and expect the best!


Rachel Hauser