break it - Improv Handbook Score #6

Improv invites an adventurous spirit, a playful and adventurous spirit.  Why not try... pretty much anything? 

One of the things I love about patchwork in general is that "mistakes" often add character.  Cut wrong?  Sew wrong?  Just add an extra piece, and it's all good.  Improv takes that attitude and builds on it, daring you to see "mistakes" as part of the very best process.  

For my next batch of blocks for Score #6, I broke my feature shape by substituting a simple teal square for one quarter of each block.  Essentially I made only three log cabins, cut them up and then stretched them to become four inside-out cabins.  I like how they could come together to make this funky churn-esque block. 

But in the end I decided to scatter them around, rather than join them together.  I filled in some gaps with simple plus shapes and finished with a sprinkle of squares.  Then a bright white City Block border seemed like a fitting frame.  I expect I'll bind in white too.

I've prepared a backing showcasing several of Carolyn Friedlander's Tree Stripe prints, including my favorite: pistachio.  I'm sending these to Emily at Emerson Quilting to be longarm quilted.  That negative space is just asking for some interesting texture! 

Happy weekend, friends!