discovery - Improv Handbook Score #6

The next score from Sherri Lynn Wood's The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters has been on my mind since the new year.  Score #6 is titled "Flexible Patterning".  The basic idea is to choose a shape, such as a flying geese or churn dash, and repeat it with variations as desired.  The invitation to play with the shape, transforming or repeating as much as I like, sounded fun, but I was stumped for awhile at the shape-choosing part.  It seemed like a big decision. 

For months now these gorgeous fabrics from Carolyn Friedlander's latest collection have been languishing on my shelf, waiting on my inspiration.  I had selected a large cut of Cattle Sage thinking to use it as my main background fabric, rather than a neutral.  I wanted to explore the pastels with that rich teal and included the white print as a possible accent. 

Well, I've decided it's time to stop thinking and start sewing.  Here is my first block!  As per the book, everything is cut and sewn ruler-free.  I started with four teal squares and added layers before joining four quadrants as one. 

In no time at all I added two more blocks:  first the sky blue and then the orchid purple with a slightly simplified construction.  So delightful how quickly improv comes together!

After the third block, I realized that this shape was basically a log cabin, quartered and turned inside out.  Naturally I wanted to experiment with that process.  I began with one, much bigger teal square, added my logs and sliced up the creation. 

Have I mentioned how freeing and fun it is to cut without rulers?  I think the experience is akin to fingerpainting or playdough.  It's very grounding.  And fast!

Here is my collection of first blocks.  I'm loving these gentle colors paired with the greeny teal.  Feels like springtime has arrived on my design wall!