Cartographe Skirt

When I laid eyes on Katarina Roccella's Cartographe print, I knew I had to make something with it.  Not just patchwork pieces - something bigger!  I decided a new skirt was in order.  

Proper Attire by Anna Maria Horner

I'm using my go-to skirt pattern, Proper Attire by Anna Maria Horner.  Rather than the fitted version, I make a simple gathered version.  For me, the curved yoke is very flattering.  I thought I had all my supplies (invisible zipper and lightweight cotton lining unearthed from my stash) and got started a few weeks ago...

Only to find I was out of lightweight fusible interfacing.  Grrr.

Crosscut holiday.jpg

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Ok, so I ordered some interfacing, waited for it to arrive and started again.  Applied interfacing to the skirt yokes.  Then I realized the skirt was looking too small. In fact, it looked like it was going to turn out many sizes smaller than the version of the skirt that I currently wear and love!  Namely, this yellow number in voile.


No fair!

Turns out I had not used interfacing on the yellow version.  As a result, the bias-cut yoke had been able to stretch with my expanding size.  Ahem.  (These expansions tend to occur post-weaning.  Anyone else?)


Even after removing the waited-for interfacing, my Cartographe skirt is decidedly small.  Apparently, I needed a larger size, which I'm sure I would have realized if I measured instead of making the size I'd made before.  But, alas, the fabric had been cut and sewn and mostly finished.

Proper Attire skirt.jpg

And now it's totally finished.  I had so very much wanted to wear this pretty map fabric, but it's not yet to be.  Instead, it shall hang in my closet, a reminder to be faithful to my new exercise regime.  I can't pretend that I'm not enormously frustrated, but that's life.  

Mediterraneo skirt.jpg

Also, that's clothes.  Quilts almost always fit.  Just sayin.