to Make, to Sew

Do you keep a list of would-be projects?  I don't usually.  But sometimes I need to make a list to put my mind at ease.  This usually happens when there are lots of good ideas floating around.  If I don't write them down, they might get lost or I might be tempted to halfway start all of them at once, which means nothing really gets accomplished.  Here goes...

Liam's Quilt

Liam's bed quilt is pretty much in tatters.  I quilted it years ago with inexpensive thread that snaps easily.  Plus, he's a preteen boy.  For his new quilt, he's requested something in all blues.  He likes abstract art, so I'm thinking something improv in all solid fabrics.  Or a fancy geometric design all in solids.  I guess I'm waiting for inspiration to strike, but I could also go out looking for it.

15 - Selfsewn.jpg


As I mentioned in my latest newsletter, I need some new potholders.  These mini wall hangings by Clare of Selfsewn are exactly what I want to make.  Just as potholders.  First, I need to get some heat resistant batting.

Toddler City Shorts

I've never made the popular City Shorts pattern by Purl Bee.  I've picked out the cutest little fabrics for Rora.  Clothes are so quick!  I'll squeeze these in somewhere.


Mama Clothes

A whole pile of pretty fabrics have arrived to be made into clothes for myself.  Yippee! I have yardagee for a dress, two tops and a skirt all on the docket.  It'll happen.  Just add time.

mama clothes.jpg


We use cloth napkins to reduce waste.  I have lots of random ones, including some homemade.  I'd like to make a new, cohesive set of linen blend napkins edged with pretty little prints.  Liberty?  This is the most unlikely project on my list, but still.  It'd be nice.

Brave Quilt

All of the above, and then last night I was struck with inspiration.  I recently fell in love with the song Brave by Sara Bareilles.  After a particularly meaningful talk with a dear friend, I think I need it to become a quilt, a word quilt.  I've never made a word quilt.  I've made words with improv piecing, applique and yarn for various small projects. 

Maybe all of the above techniques will come into play for this one.  Definitely improv piecing.  Because that's brave.

When inspiration strikes hot, you have to sketch out ideas and pull fabrics.  So I did.  Problem is, I don't think it's what I should make next.  Darn.  For my peace of mind, I need to work on some of these other ideas and then work my way back to Brave.  It'll be waiting...