Elora, 18 months

18 months copy.jpg

Happy half-birthday, Elora!  You're eighteen months and full of toddler spirit.  Why, just today I realized you've mastered the head shake for "no".  You're such a little person now!


You really didn't want to take a photo today with mama's pretty fabric.  What is the point, you wonder?  I almost gave up when the goat grabbed a corner of the fabric and tried to drag it away.  I think they could hear my horrified scream all the way in town!


But then I remembered your penchant for little rocks.  You couldn't resist a few pebbles stacked tantalizingly on top of the fabric stand.  Win-win!

This month baby is photographed with Paint Roses Orange available at Crosscut Sewing Co.

Memory Box {Eighteen Months}

Milestones::  She has words!  Her first words were "mama" and "dada", but those came so gradually that we didn't know when to officially count them.  When she started saying "nigh-nigh" consistently at bedtime, we knew she was definitely talking.  So funny that one of her first words is about going to bed!  I've never met a toddler who's excited about sleeping.  

Now she also clearly says "Aria", "hi", "bye-bye" and "shoes."  Her family can understand when she says "up", "Liam" and "please."  Combined with her baby signs, we're finally getting somewhere with communication!  

Other milestones?  She can follow two step directions, stack block towers and drink out of a cup.

Biggest Challenge::  Car travel.  I think all toddlers go through a stage (or live in a stage) wherein they hate their car seat.  Rora has been a pretty easy-going traveler, but not anymore.  This weekend we took her on a 2.5 hour drive to the mountains.  No, she doesn't fall asleep in the car.  Even when it's her nap time, she mostly stays awake.  We were all pretty miserable.


Still, we had a great time in the mountains.  On our hike Aria and I helped Rora jump over muddy sections.  Such fun for all!  I just think we need to wait on road trips for awhile.   


Biggest Surprise::  Elora is the easiest toddler sleeper I've had.  Now, Aria was my easiest infant sleeper, and Rora was OK at that stage.  But as a toddler, she is ridiculously easy to put to bed.  I almost feel bad reporting this here... 

At naptime and bedtime she's happy when it's time to say "nigh-nigh" and head to her room.  In her room, I grab her voile bedtime lovey and sit with her on the rocking chair.  We read a book.  I sing her a song.  Next I place her into her crib.  I then step out of sight and sneak out the door.  If she cries, I say "shhhh" once or twice through the closed door.  And that's usually it!  At first I was sure this was just a phase, but it's been like this since she was about 14 months.  She wakes around 7 am, naps from noon to 2 pm and goes to bed again at 7 pm.  I know, I know - so lucky!  


Best Memory::  The other night at dinner time, Rora was not very interested in eating.  I don't remember whose idea it was, but she ended up feeding Brandon some cut up strawberries.  She thought it was HILARIOUS.  She was lunging and babbling with glee in her efforts to reach his mouth.  Really, she was so ecstatic about the experience that sometimes she completely missed.  Feeding Daddy is apparently even more fun than feeding the giraffes at the zoo!  Next time, I'll get a video.