A Colorful Thread: December 2018


Weaving together my life as a maker and other spheres of life.

Forget me Knot quilting. Stitched in Color.jpg

On My Mind

Experimenting:: with software for the new self-paced version of Angled course. I’ve woven a web of options and settings that will allow students to activate modules when the time is right for them and at a personalized pace. I’m in the testing phase now!


Reading:: Magical Journey: An Apprenticeship in Contentment by Katrina Kenison. It’s a grounding memoir about finding your way in middle age or “the second phase of life.” Years ago I read her book, The Gift of an Ordinary Day, which is geared to mothers. Both are gems. I’m inspired to re-read her Ordinary Day book soon.

Following:: Today I added Quilting Jet Girl to my Bloglovin account. I don’t know why I hadn’t already! Back in the day there used to be so many quilt bloggers that I couldn't follow everyone I liked, but now my reader has room! I found her through the 2019 Planning Party, which I would have totally joined had I known. Yvonne’s planning post struck a chord. I’m thinking we have lots in common!

Wave quilt on longarm. StitchedinColor.jpg

Anticipating:: quilting this dreamy blue quilt and getting to present it to my son when he returns from a weekend away. This has been a comforting project for the holidays, in part because Liam is so pleased every time he sees the progress. I’m so glad he feels my love in it!

It’s so nice to look back in December and sort of wrap up the year, while looking forward to a fresh start. Here is my Instagram Top 9, i.e. my most popular images on Instagram this year:

2018 Top Nine.jpg

I see my scrap quilts really are favorites! And then there is Eleni, a sweet surprise, and a photo of the rest of us taken last spring. The quilts are Dear Dottie, Plum Pudding, Kingfisher and Iridescent. Each one a pleasure to stitch and share.

Thank you for enjoying fabric + color + family with me. Here’s to new adventures in 2019!


Rachel Hauser